Website Features

Here are some of the features and ways we can use our website:

-The home page updates in a blog format. Each entry will have a date and the newest posts will be at the top. The posts are arranged into categories that can be accessed in the “Whats new” text box on the sidebar. Its possible to change the home page to a static page that will always be the same, and then have a separate page for updates.

-The side bar is static and can be viewed from any page and sub-page. We can change the order of the icons, add more links, change the RSS feeds, and the pictures are automatically updated from Flickr.

-To add pictures, the Historian can log on to Flickr using the Yahoo username and password and upload pictures onto the account. The file sizes need to be quite small in order to stay within the bandwidth limit each month. Its also important to label each picture so when the mouse rolls over it the description will show. The most recent pictures will show up in the icon on the sidebar.

-Pictures and documents can be loaded directly onto the pages. This works really well for recruitment purposes. There isn’t a way to ‘submit’ documents on-line. However, prospective members can open documents and email them as an attachment to the OWLs account.

-The Members Only page will come in really handy if members access it on a regular basis. The minutes can be loaded onto the page instead of emailing them out every week and filling up your inbox. We can also post schedules and contact information for each member.

-We can also post videos through a video hosting site such as YouTube or Grouper. This would be a neat feature for the historian to use instead of making an actual scrapbook (since those tend to get lost) she can make a video collage and we can upload it to our site.

-Don’t forget to subscribe to the website updates! When you click the ‘Subscribe’ icon on the sidebar, you’ll be asked to enter your email address and then every time that we update the posts you’ll be sent an email. It would be really neat if we had a lot of leaders outside of OWLs to subscribe, then we could create a really effective online community to share our news and events! At events such as Mainstage and RSO Spotlight, the email addresses that are collected can be added to the subscribe list, then they just have to confirm their subscription when they’re notified.

-Right now, OWLs is using WordPress as a server for free. We can change to or a variation for around $6 a month. That will include an unlimited amount of email accounts, such as This will also give us about 5000 times more options to customize and change the colors, fonts, header sizes, more storage space, flash compatibility, picture options, and overall format. This really isn’t a necessity right now, but as the organization expands it’s definitely something to think about.

-We’re pretty much using WordPress to its full potential right now as far as the format goes. Some other features that are available include polls that we can add to the sidebar, music, and a few different options with the comment features.

Don’t hesistate to ask questions, and feel free to post them right on the site!


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