Our Constitution


CONSTITUTION OF Organization of Women Leaders

Updated as of 3/30/06


We, the women of the Organization of Women Leaders, will promote service and sisterhood to female leaders of Central Michigan University.



We, the women of the Organization of Women Leaders, strive to show our commitments to leadership in our communities, support for our fellow leaders, and pride in our character. We strive for the betterment of not only our members, but the betterment of those whom we impact. We will continue to work to develop ourselves personally and professionally. We will continue to strive to raise awareness of the issues that affect ourselves and others, our community, and the world around us. We, the women of the Organization of Women Leaders, are strong women who have taken the lead from our role models and are stepping up to make a difference in the current and next generation of women. We are women who will be successful in any endeavor we choose to accept and we are women who are leaving a legacy for a better future.



This Organization shall be known as the Organization of Women Leaders, (OWLs).




Section A. Membership The membership of the organization shall consist of active female leaders of Central Michigan University

Section B. Membership Qualification(s)

1.Membership in the Organization of Women Leaders shall not be denied of age,sex,color, disability, familial status, height, marital status, national origin, political persuasion, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, or weight.

2. At the time of invitation, each prospective member must have one semester of college/university experience, hold at least one leadership position on campus, and maintain a GPA 2.5 and a minimum GPA of 3.0 for Executive Board.

Section C. Selection of Members

1. A selection committee shall exist in order to review applications, check references, and select new members. This committee shall be comprised of four members elected by the general body in accordance with Article III, Section B, #2 of the constitution. In addition, the recruitment chair shall be automatically be part of this committee with voting rights. All selection committee meetings will be supervised by the advisor and facilitated by the recruitment chair.

2. Beginning with an application process, new members will be selected at the end of the recruitment period by a vote of the selection committee.

3. New members will be selected with a majority vote of the selection committee.

4. The organization will notify new members of their acceptance to OWLs within one week of the decision.

Section D. Voting Privileges

Members that have attended two general meetings will gain voting rights within the organization. Quorum consists of 50% + 1, which shall not include the president.

Section E. Termination of Membership

1. If a member loses the required GPA quota of 2.5 she will be placed on a semester of probation where she will be considered inactive.

2. The probationary member has one semester to bring her GPA to the current organization standings.

3. If the member does not fulfill the requirement she will be asked to resign from the Organization of Women Leaders.

Section F. Inactive Membership

1. Missing four (4) meetings in a semester and not fulfilling active membership by attending socials and fundraisers will result in inactive membership for the semester.

2. Members are allowed to take one voluntary inactive semester

3. Two consecutive semesters will result in being asked to leave the organization

4. All inactive members may propose to the executive board and committee chairs their removal of inactive status based on current involvement and uncontrollable circumstances after missing their fourth meeting of the semester. The executive board and committee chairs will then vote on removing or sustaining the inactive status of a member.



Section A. Nomination Eligibility

1.To be eligible for the president or vice president positions, members must have held active status for two semesters, one which directly precedes elections.

2. Any member may run for the other available position not mentioned in Article III, Section A, #1.

Section B. Elections

1.Elections for positions for the next school year will be held during the second to last business meeting of the school year.

2.Elections will be conducted in the following format for each position in succession according to the listed order in the constitution.

i. Nominations

ii. Elections

iii. Count of Ballots

iv. Announcement of results

Article IV


Section A. Elected Officers

1. President

i. Preside over meetings

ii. Shall vote in case of a tie

iii. Delegate responsibility

iv. Compose an agenda with the input of the E-Board

v. Keep organization informed of campus/community events

vi. Compose legacy notes

2. Vice President

i. Assist President in her duties

ii. In case of absence of President, shall step up to take over presidential duties

iii. Serve as Parliamentarian iv. Follow up with absences of members

v. Assume said authority delegated by President vi. Compose legacy notes

3. Secretary

i. Record minutes

ii. Assume said authority delegated by President

iii. Send out weekly minutes two days after meeting

iv. Keep attendance records

v. Shall inform Vice President of any member absences

vi. Compose legacy notes

5. Treasurer

i. Maintain organization budget and funds

ii. SBAC training

iii. Assume said authority delegated by the President

iv. At the end of each semester present a detailed record of expenditures

v. Be prepared to discuss the budget upon request

vi. Compose legacy notes

6. Public Relations

i. Inform media, press and public about the organization and its events

ii. Act as a direct link between OWLs and the Public Relations Department of CMU and CM Life

iii. Act as a liaison between OWLs and other organizations

iv. Act as a liaison between CMU and other campuses interested in our organization and its events

v. Creation and distribution of posters, flyers and other forms of publicity

vi. Speak on behalf of the organization

vii. Compose legacy notes

Section B. Committees

1. Philanthropy

i. Be in charge of all philanthropic events

ii. Hold positive bonds between the organization and the Mt. Pleasant community

iii. Compose legacy notes

2. Social/ Recruitment

i. Be in charge of social activities that promote sisterhood and the purpose of the organization

ii. Hold all responsibility of setting up the induction ceremony

a. In event that a new member holds this chair, the president and advisor will plan the induction

iii. Plan social activities with other organizations iv. Compose legacy notes

v. Assume recruitment responsibilities.

vi. Serve as the chair of the selection committee.

3. Historian

i. Keep documentation through notes and pictures

a. A proxy must be sent if unable to attend an event

4. Student Government Representative

i. Convey OWL matters and issues to SGA

ii. Keep the organization informed with at-large campus matters

iii. Have a voting right within the Student Government Association Compose legacy notes

5. Fundraiser

i. Organize at least one fundraiser a semester

ii. Compose legacy notes




Section A.

1. The advisor should serve as a source of support and growth of the organization by:

i. Attending weekly meetings

ii. Advocating on behalf of the organization

iii. Being a resource


Article VI


Section A.

1. There will be a one-time payment to be made by September 30th of $35 by each new member within three weeks of being selected.

2. The above will be null and void if a payment plan is set up with the treasurer by then end of the same three weeks.


Article VII

Disbursing of Money Section

Section A.

1. If the organization should fold, then the moneys of the organization should be given to the Breast Cancer Awareness Research Foundation. The Breast Cancer Awareness Research Foundation is our Philanthropic organization.


Article VIII Impeachment

Section A. 1. Officers my be impeached from office due to poor attendance, not fulfilling job responsibilities, or other actions the deters from the purpose and the progress of OWLs. 2. Impeachment must be voted on by a 2/3 majority.


The Constitution will be effected immediately as of March 30, 2006.


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