Welcome to our new website!

Thank you for joining us as we leap into the 21st century and the world wide web! Our organization is a group of women leaders from Central Michigan University. We have members representing the Student Government Association, Leader Advancement Scholars, Habitat for Humanity, Academic Senate, Golden Key International Honor Society, Student Social Work Association, Family Relations Council, Hall Councils, Buisness Cohorts, Association of Future Speach-Language Pathlogists, Alternative Breaks Site Leaders and Board Members, Resident Assistants, Best Buddies, Residence Hall Assembly, On The Fly Productions, Homecoming Volunteers, Quad Council, Public Relations Student Society of America, Campus Ambassadors, and many other organizations and groups on campus.

Our organization is one that celebrates females in leadership while embracing sisterhood and community involvment. We are a group of strong women leaders that reconizes other females and all that they do. Because of our personal philosphies, the philanthropy projects we involve ourselves in benefit other women and hopefully improve their situations. Our main philanthropy is the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Our meetings include empowerment activities, issue education, philanthropy work, socials, and planning for future events. Realizing that all of our members are very busy women, we pride ourselves on providing a strong support system and an empowering enviroment for all of our women to grow and educate eachother on campus and community resources.


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